St Anthony's Primary


Welcome to St Anthony's Primary!

St Anthony’s Primary was built in 1964 to provide education for the primary aged children who live in Springhall and the surrounding area.  We, therefore, celebrate our Golden Jubilee in this current school year.  As part of South Lanarkshire Council’s investment in improving school buildings, our new school opened for pupils in August 2010.

As Catholic educators we work in partnership with parents, the parish and the community to help our children to develop their full potential.  We do this by encouraging Christian attitudes, a sense of responsibility towards our neighbours and a firm personal commitment to the Catholic Faith.

St Anthony’s Primary is a school which is striving towards excellence.  We are committed to developing our pupils as responsible citizens, effective contributors, successful learners and confident individuals.  Our mission is to establish a well-balanced, varied curriculum in a happy, caring environment which will enable all children to develop intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and socially.

The Staff of St Anthony’s Primary School are committed to caring for the wellbeing of every child ensuring they are safe, settled and secure in school.  This principle underpins our programmes for learning and teaching and all our activities.

For further information about the school, please feel free to read our school handbook found in the viewer below.  Alternatively, as we adopt an open door policy, please contact the school using the contact detail at the bottom of this page.