St Anthony's Primary


Room 8 Mrs Sword

Aug 2018

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Class Information

Welcome to Primary 5s page.

Here you will find out about what we have been learning this term.  We will keep you updated with news, photos and pupils comments.

Emily “I really enjoyed learning about floating and sinking and doing experiments.”


Nathan “I really like ICT and learning about Glow.”


Aiden “I really enjoyed reading the World Record Breakers book.”


Our achievers from this term are:

Isabella – Gymnastics

Sophie Anne, Olivia and Jade – Dancing

Aimee, Emily, Emma and Rebecca – Sixer Brownies

Nathan – 4 trophies/medals at football

Jade, Ava, Sophie Anne – swimming

Ethan – trampolining

Luke – Barcelona training camp

Class News

A few things to remember for a normal week in Primary 5...

Thursday – Outdoor learning clothes

Wednesday – P.E. kit

Thursday– P.E. kit


Did you also know...?



Class Topics

All about our topic


We have been learning the names of the different oceans around the world.  We have learned about the plants and creatures you would find there.  We have also learned about the effects of pollution in the oceans.  We also learned about how the oceans and continents were created by the movement of tectonic plates.  In addition to this we discovered that the world is full of natural world record breakers.



We read the book together and created our own stories and questions related to the story.  One of our favourite activities was when we made our own dream jars.  We had fun playing with words when making up Roald Dahl style bully names.



Class Links & Resources

Here are some useful links for homework tasks:


BBC Bitesize