St Anthony's Primary


Jun 2019

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Class Information

This year Mrs Duke is taking responsibility for developing skills in Technologies.

Watch this space for photographs, links to our blogs and videos of the work we have been doing throughout each term. 

Throughout this term the classes have been learning about Computational Thinking and Coding.

P1 have been learning about directional language - forwards, backwards, left and right.  They have been learning to use clear instructions to direct their friends from one location to another.  They then took this knowledge onto programming Beebot or using the Beebot App.  We have learned to plan and write algorithms.

P2 have been learning about giving clear instructions and coding using Scratch Jr (available in App Store).  The children used the app as a tool to control a sprite (character) by giving it instructions via coding blocks.  They have learned to edit characters and backgrounds.  Our most recent project was to make two sprites race against each other using the control blocks.

P3 have been learning that algorithms are a set of instructions.  We have looked at everyday instructions and discussed what happens when we miss out essential steps.  They have further developed their directional language by using Turtle Logo on Textease to program a digital turtle to draw lines and make simple 2D shapes.

P4 have been learning about more complex algorithms in everyday life.  We have used common instructions, like recipes and changed steps within them (changed variables).  We have transferred this knowledge into our work with Turtle Logo via .  We have been learning to use short-hand commands and to use shortcuts to repeat lines of code - ctrl c to copy, ctrl v to paste.  We have successfully wrote code to draw regular polygons and have used tinkering (trial and error) to create geometric designs.

P5 have been discussing everyday algorithms and have edited and improved them to achieve personalised choices.  For example, editing smoothie recipes to include our favourite flavours.  We then developed these skills when using Scratch online, .  In an ongoing project to create an interactive quiz, the children have added and edited sprites and backrounds.  They have used events, control, motion, sound and looks blocks to create their personalised project.  Throughout the process the children have discussed ideas with their peers, debugged errors and tinkered to try out ideas.

P6 have been discussing and working with number sequences - tryng to identify and extend number patterns as well as create their own.  They have been introduced to Scratch online, and are using this program to design interactive maze games.  Throughout the learning process the children have gained skills in editing sprites and multiple backgrounds.  They have worked collaboratively to achieve personalised projects and have been supportive of each other when debugging script to achieve their desired outcome.

P7 have been discussing complex number patterns and algebra.  They have identified rules and patterns and in some cases, created their own.  They have been developing coding skills by using Scratch online, .  The children are working on creating an animated scene that includes multiple sprites, costumes and sounds.  Throughout the process the children have been encouraged to adapt script in order to personalise to their choices, to work collaboratively to debug and to extend their learning by trying out new things.