St Anthony's Primary


Room 6 Mrs Blair

Aug 2018

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Class Information

Welcome to Primary 4/3's page.

Here you will find out about what we have been learning this term.  We will keep you updated with news, photos and pupils comments.


We've had a number of highlights this term but here a just a few...

“I loved working really hard in warm ups in gym – we were pushed really hard!” Zac

“I really loved doing my reading because we had a chance to read a play called The Porridge Pincher.” Lexin

“I liked the Christmas Countdown when our elf was doing really crazy stuff!” Jude


Our achievers from this term are:

Leila – First prize in the Road Safety Calendar competition.

Lexin – Best Dancer at the Halloween disco.

Ava, Katie and Oliwia – Medal for gymnastics

Maria – Dancing medal

Jackson – Boxing competition

Marcus – New belt in Judo.

Niamh – Trophy in Tae Kwan Do



Class News

A few things to remember for a normal week in Primary 4/3...

Tuesday - P.E. kit and Outdoor learning clothing

Friday - P.E. kit


Did you also know... ?

Trip to Kelvingrove Museum.

Animals and bakers in the school show.

Egyptian Showcase.

Dance class with Claire.



Class Topics

All about our topic

‘The Egyptians’

We learned about the kinds of clothes they wore (or didn’t wear!).  We learned about pharaohs and that some of them, like Tutankhamun were very young – he was only 9 when he was made pharaoh.  We also found out that pharaohs used slaves and farmers to build pyramids, these weren’t their houses, they were burial chambers.  We also learned about the Sphinx and some different Egyptian gods.  Egyptians used a special language when writing called hieroglyphics which was made up of pictures.  We learned about the River Nile – it’s the largest river in the world!