St Anthony's Primary


Jul 2018

No Class Events Scheduled This Month

Class Information

Welcome to Primary 3/2's page.

Here you will find out about what we have been learning this term.  We will keep you updated with news, photos and pupils comments.

We have learned a lot of new and exciting things but here are a few of our highlights...

"I enjoyed watching videos that told us the real story of how Baby Jesus was born."  Andie.

"I enjoyed learning how to program Turtle in ICT."  Jennifer

"I enjoyed learning how to find the answers in my reading book and writing the answers to the questions."  Alfie

"I liked looking for animal tracks in the frost during outdoor learning."  Caitlin



Our achievers from this term are:

Gymnastics - Andie, Myron, Caitlin Orlaith, Nadia and Adrianna

Dancing - Evie, Emily, Adrianna, Caitlin, Orlaith and Ellie.

Tae Kwan Do - Parker, Aimee

Karate - Alfie

Swimming - Isla, Iona, Evie, Orlaith, Jennifer Emily, NAdie, Gabriel Andie and Aimee.

Football - Jack

Basketball - Callum

Running Race - Jennifer

Crafts Club - Cailtin

Hip Hop - Myron and Orlaith

Minecraft Club - Jack



Class News

Some things to remember for a normal week in Primary 3/2's...

Monday andThursday - P.E. Kit

Tuesday - Outdoor Learning










Class Topics

All About our Topic

'Ancient Egypt'

This term we learned all about Ancient Egypt.  We learned that slaves used to be used to build pyramids and it was really hard work because they had to carry huge blocks of stone and build them like steps.  The pyramids were used for when pharaohs or very important people had died, they could store their coffin inside.  Egyptian coffins were called sarcophaguses and they were decorated to look like bodies and had gold and gems on them.  We learned that when pharoahs died they were made into mummies when their body was wrapped in bandages and the body was embalmed and coated in herbs and spices.  We also learned that Egyptians used a special written language called heiroglyphics.


Here are some of our thoughts about our topic:

"I loved going to the museum to learn about Ancient Egypt." Adrianna

"I liked doing a science experiment when we mummified a tomato." Imogen

"My favourite thing was when we made a pharoah's necklace in Art." Jack