St Anthony's Primary


Jul 2018

No Class Events Scheduled This Month

Class Information

Welcome to Primary 2's page.

Here you will find out about what we have been learning this term.  We will keep you updated with news, photos and pupils comments.

We have learned a lot of new and exciting things this term but here are a few of our highlights...

"My favourite activity is handwriting because it's a nice peaceful and quiet activity."  Abigail

"I like learning how to do harder number sums like 17-7."  Samuel

"I enjoy learning my spelling words and doing my spelling test."  Daniel.

"I liked learning about Beebot in ICT."  Maicie


Our achievers this term are:      

Maicie - Danced in the parade at Disneyland Paris

Abigail - 2 years perfect attendance at dancing.

Hannah - Dancing medal

Erin - Moved up a group in swimming and got a medal.

Emma - Passesd dancing exam.          





Class News

A few things to remember for a normal week in Primary 2...

P.E. kit -  Tuesday and Wednesday

Outdoor learning Learning - Thursday



Did you know...?




Class Topics

All About Our Topic

'People Who Help Us'

In this topic we learned about all the different emergency services.  We learned about all their different roles and responsibilities. 

Did you know...?

Doctors make people feel better and help people who need operations.

Mountain Rescue save people from the mountains and sometimes they have to use helicopters.

The Coastguard save people who have got into trouble in the sea.

The police protect people and arrest anyone who is breaking the law.  They use all different kinds of transport.