St Anthony's Primary


Jul 2018

No Class Events Scheduled This Month

Class Information

Welcome to Primary 1's page.

Here you will find out about what we have been learning this term.  We will keep you updated with news, photos and  pupils comments.

Who will you recognise?

We have learned a lot of new and interesting things this term but here are a few of our highlights...

"I love outdoor learning because we can play in the sand." Finn

"I like learning abll about letters and numbers."  Sammi

"I liked learning about our sounds and the songs that go with them."  Shai

"Making the fire painting was my favourite."  Arran

"I just love my teacher!"  Niamh

Our achievements this term

Joseph - 2 trophies for football.

Sammi - Built a big doll house.

Riley - medal and trophy at football.

Finn - medal for a bike race.

Shai - best dancer at a party.

Carter - joined a gymnastics club.

Class News

Things to remember for a normal week in Primary 1...

Monday - P.E. kit

Tuesday - Outdoor learning clothes, including wellies

Wednesday - P.E. kit

Class Topics

All about our topic

"The Farm"

We learned all about the animals that live on the farm like: cows, pigs, sheep and horses.  We learned all about the jobs that farmers do every day - it's a very hard job and you have to get up really early.  We went on a trip to see what it is like working on a farm.  We went on a tractor and saw some really old fashioned pieces of farming equipment.  We learned about the harvester and all the different foods that farmers grow and then sell to big shops.

At the Museum of Rural Life we went on a treasure hunt around the museum to find different farming pictures and we had to tick them off as we went.