St Anthony's Primary


Room 9 Miss McGuire

Jul 2018

No Class Events Scheduled This Month

Class Information

Welcome to P6's page.  We have settled really well into P6 and enjoy learning with Miss McGuire.  We have had a number of highlights thi term but here are our thoughts on just a few...


“I enjoyed doing PowerPoints on the Battle of Bannockburn.” Monica

“I liked learning different strategies to solve problems in maths.” Olivier

“I enjoyed learning 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication.” Jacob

“I’ve enjoyed learning how to use Scratch to code.” Lucy


Also did you know we've been involved in...

Competed in athletics competition.

Tesco to deliver foodbank Advent calendars.

St Cadoc’s Mandarin Hub for a performance.


Our achievers from this term are:

Ciaran, Darroch, Dylan, Ryan, Jazz, Jacob – football medal/trophy

Olivier, Monica and Ciaran– karate belts

Calum and Sophia – Tae Kwan Do belt

Kieva, Holly and Monica – swimming badge

Dylan – Signed by contract to football team.

Ryan and Keira – Santa Dash



Class News

A few things to remember for a normal week in Primary 6..

Wednesday – P.E. kit

Thursday – Outdoor learning clothes

Friday – P.E. kit


Class Topics

All about our topic

“The Scottish Wars of Independence”

It was a historical topic where we learned about different wars that the people of Scotland endured in order to gain independence.  We learned about some very influencial characters like William Wallace, John Balliol, Henry De Bohem, Alexander III, Edward I, Edward II and of course Robert the Bruce.

We researched and we discovered William Wallace is reported to have screamed ‘Freedom’ before meeting his end.  We learned about William Wallace’s successes in battle and that he often won battles, although outnumbered, by using guerrilla warfare and tactics such a schiltrons to protect themselves from the enemy.

In response to finding out about how Wallace died we learned about the internal organs of the body.