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A warm welcome to St Anthony's Primary School which is striving towards excellence.  We are committed to developing our pupils as responsible citizens, effective contributors, successful learners and confident individuals.  Our mission is to establish a well balanced, varied curriculum in a happy, caring environment which will enable all children to develop intelectually, emotionally, spiritually and socially.

The staff of St Anthony's are committed to caring for the well being of every child ensuring they are safe, settled and secure in school.  This principle underpins our programmes for learning and teaching and all our activities.


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Latest News

A warm welcome back to all our pupils and families and a huge welcome to all our new pupils in P1 and in classes throughout the school.  We do hope you have had a lovely summer and are ready for an exciting year ahead.


We are working hard to keep you updated on the goings on in St Anthony's by updating our website on a termly basis.  However, for more up-to-date information of events going on in the school, please use the link below to follow us on Twitter @StAnthonysSLC.  We will be using Twitter to communicate with parents in the form of reminders, photos and updates from events going on in the school.  We have had a good uptake so far with almost half of our parents/carers following us but are always looking for more followers.

Latest News:

Well done to our Athletics team from P6 and P7 for participating in the Sporthall Athletics who competed in the Rutherglen Cambuslang finals.  We were super proud of you all.

A huge congratulations to Anthony Bradley P7 for coming 6th in the WHOLE OF SCOTLAND for a swimming tournament.  Next stop the Commonwealth Games Anthony!

We are extremely proud of our fantastic artists throughout the school who participated in the South Lanarkshire Road Safety competition and we are delighted to announce that we had an overall winner of the P3/4 division in Leila Keys and merit awards for Rachael Kelly P4 and Kayla Murphy P7.  Well done girls!

P5 have showcased themselves as excellent writers by entering the Young Writers Toy Stories competition and we are very proud that 13 entries have been selected to be published later this year.  Names of all entry winner to follow.








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